If Only Trump…

It is supremely ironic to remember Trump’s repeated claim that “only he” could solve this country’s problems. Many Trump supporters join Trump in blaming Obama for everything that has gone wrong—after 4 years that lame excuse is growing thin…

What if Trump had simply followed Obama’s quite reasonable advice? That would have eliminated some of the biggest mistakes Trump has made.

The “Russia Investigation” has been one of the biggest albatrosses of the Trump administration. It started with Mike Flynn. During the transition Obama warned Trump that Flynn was dangerous and unreliable. Trump ignored that warning. He appointed Flynn as head of the NSA anyway. And so, it all began. If only Trump had taken Obamas advice!

John Bolton was widely distrusted. The fact that he couldn’t win confirmation in a Republican senate should have been warning enough. Trump appointed Bolton anyway and then Bolton helped reveal that whole “Ukraine impeachment scandal.” If only Trump had listened to Obama and all those others…

Obama defeated two potential pandemics during his tenure. He created a special “pandemic unit” to track these threats. He specifically warned Trump about pandemics in 2016.Trump ignored all that. He eliminated the pandemic unit. Too bad. Now we are approaching 250,000 dead from Covid-19. There is no end in sight. If only Trump…

Starting in late January, Trump ignored the advice about the pandemic from his own appointees. He decided to downplay the pandemic threat. He now says he didn’t want people to “panic.” That show incredible contempt for every American. That is the act of a dictator—a man who decides to deprive you of transparency and the facts because they think they know what is best for you…

Now, as we head for a critical election, it has become clear that the outcome will be incredibly divisive—probably even violent. There is only one cause for this situation—Donald Trump. He had four years to secure our elections against foreign interference, to beef up the post office, to make it all easy and secure. Instead, he has done everything in his power to make the coming election a mess.

With issue after issue—Trump has invariably messed things up.

He eroded faith in wearing masks, social distancing, the vaccine, the CDC, and the HHS- all could have saved tens of thousands of lives…but Trump messed them all up. Then he tried to reopen the economy and schools too soon. So another surge in Covid-19 is on the way…

The economy is trashed, unemployment is catastrophic, schooling and childcare are a mess because Trump messed them up. The postal system, the elections system, faith in mail-in ballots and in fair ballot counting are a mess because Trump messed them up.

Affordable healthcare, protection for pre-existing conditions for millions (in the middle of a pandemic) will likely soon be gone—because Trump is messing them up. The DOJ, ICE, and the DHS are a mess. Race relations, faith in basic justice, the rule of law, are a mess and faith in the supreme court is failing. Basic environmental and safety regulations are a mess. Trump messed them all up.

Now he has messed up the debates, his own campaign, the Whitehouse and a Pandemic relief bill…

Clearly, most of Trump’s problems are of his own making, yet his behavior makes them the nation’s problems. This Trump circus has to end. When I say “circus” I don’t mean Barnum and Bailey. I mean the ancient Roman circus—where Christians and other protesters were thrown to lions, spiked chariots down ran helpless victims, and the blood of innocents drenched the ground. That’s not my America.

Now who in the world would want to see America so messed up? The Russians, I guess…

If only Trump weren’t Trump…If only he were gone…

Joe Biden served in government for 47 years—a time when America was on a relatively even keel. Four years of Trump have made a mess of the country. I am voting for Biden because a vote for Biden is a vote for Democracy. A vote for Democracy is a real vote for America.

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