Withered Now: Dead-End for the GOP

This is first of two essays in which I discuss the way forward for both Republican and Democratic Parties. Part 1. Recently one of my readers suggested that I discuss what I think both major parties should do to address racism and other problems facing the US.  I’m not sure that is quite the right... Continue Reading →

Trump’s Tulsa Travesty

It seems like a lifetime, but it was only two weeks ago that Trump conducted his travesty in Tulsa. In a recent post about “America’s Great Evasion” I pointed out that America’s “frontier experience” had helped create in our nation a tendency to: “view groups of people that we deemed ‘others’ as fair game for... Continue Reading →

“The Great Evasion,” Building Community, and Masking

Frontier Con-Man In a previous post (On Radicalism, “Civil Disobedience”, and the “Anti-Lockdown” Protesters), I mentioned my old history professor, William Appleman Williams. Williams was a member of “antifa” (that is, a decorated executive officer in the US Pacific fleet during WWII). I believe he also marched with MLK and was targeted by Senator Joe... Continue Reading →

The State of the Ship

The helmsman of the ship of stateDrunk on power, at his wheel pratesOf terror, evil, and bad menWhile his servile followers "ahem" Surrogates note every lame botched wordBroken syntax, the absurdAnd loyally his words transmuteInto a fine bold stance that sounds astute War isn't war but reconstructionJustice is equal to obstructionTorture doesn't bring one shameIf... Continue Reading →

The Dubious Myth of the “Unprecedented” Trump

The Emperor and His Guard Of course, in many simplistic ways Trump really is "unprecedented." We have never seen any president act in such bizarre and dangerous ways. On the other hand, the rather glib overuse of this word "unprecedented" masks a much more deeply entrenched problem. The word “unprecedented” has basically become a mere... Continue Reading →

Trump’s Wuhan—Boo Hoo, Hoo, Hoo! Double Talk on China and the Dangers of “American Exceptionalism”

            Trump’s double talk on the Covid-19/China connection is so transparent it literally takes the breath away. Transparency is not what one has come to expect from this administration. I guess I don’t mean real transparency, but the sheer obvious clumsiness of Trump’s lies and blaming.             Consider the Trump argument: China knew about the... Continue Reading →

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