Larger Pandemic Lessons

Family Under Lockdown I don’t want to minimize the human suffering caused by the pandemic. Rather, I think taking a bigger view of it might help us alleviate a much wider occurrence of human suffering in the future. Step back a moment and consider the pandemic as a huge scientific experiment. Maybe it’s nature’s way... Continue Reading →

A Poem: Monkeys Fall

The following poem was inspired by a 1990 trip through East Africa with my old friend Kyle Foster. It is about evolution, survival of the fittest, the imperfections of nature, human error, global warming, and politics. A contributing incident happened while I was sitting in my woodland home in the Pacific Northwest and watching a... Continue Reading →

Book and Movie Picks

A Quiet Moment with a Good Book I was thinking about good books to read during this dreadful time. Some find a deep dive into the reality of it somehow cathartic. Good books about the Black Death in the Middle Ages are Barbara Tuchman’s A Distant Mirror and Hermann Hesse’s novel Narcissus and Goldmund.  A... Continue Reading →

Trump’s Wuhan—Boo Hoo, Hoo, Hoo! Double Talk on China and the Dangers of “American Exceptionalism”

            Trump’s double talk on the Covid-19/China connection is so transparent it literally takes the breath away. Transparency is not what one has come to expect from this administration. I guess I don’t mean real transparency, but the sheer obvious clumsiness of Trump’s lies and blaming.             Consider the Trump argument: China knew about the... Continue Reading →


An Introductory Note to Readers:           This current corona-virus pandemic, though it will eventually pass, will also completely transform our world.  That change could be very positive—if we choose to make it so.             A long or severe illness can often result in a serious re-evaluation of our personal life and values. There is a... Continue Reading →

Corona Virus, Healthcare and Our Community

As a nation, we are now getting a clear lesson about the importance of national healthcare. We need to get that lesson in clear focus. For years the debate has been confused by a simple, deep contradiction: as a nation, we are obsessed with healthcare as an individual choice—NOT a public health issue. The difference... Continue Reading →

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