The Sanctity of our Elections

            Our nation is in dire straits. This Coronavirus pandemic is a humanitarian, healthcare, fiscal, and financial crisis, but we must not let this tragedy become a political crisis as well. Our nation is built on the idea that we are free to choose our leaders. What really unites us as a nation is the... Continue Reading →

Personal Experience with Chloroquine

(Note: This piece was originally written and published a couple of weeks before the first tests on Hydroxychloroquine ended in abject failure…)             Since it is much in the news as a possible, maybe, potential treatment for corona virus, I thought I should share my personal experience with this drug. First, I have no formal... Continue Reading →

By Virtue of the Fact…

            As the old English expression in the title reveals, we used to have a shared understanding that there is something innately good about a fact. A fact was a piece of the truth- and there was something inherently good about truth. It is a tragedy that this traditional understanding seems to have been lost—especially... Continue Reading →

Impeachment: Pros and Cons

Democrats have finally started the impeachment process. It’s about time. Pelosi’s move was hardly a rush to judgement. Trump’s behavior made her action unavoidable. Congress has a job to do and must do it. There should be no second guessing this—failure to act would have been dereliction of duty. Trump’s flagrant violations of law, precedent... Continue Reading →

Pretense as Defense: The GOP on Trial

Trump clearly has no real defense against impeachment. Instead, his GOP defenders have chosen to focus on deflection, denial and silly objections about the “process.”  As a defense, this is pure pretense. As to process, the GOP has stood by while Trump has violated tradition, precedent and process on every other issue.  Suddenly, they care... Continue Reading →

GOP Monkey Business

There is one point about the impeachment process that hasn’t really been closely examined- the implications of the Republican Senate’s attitude toward the trial. The actual impeachment issues –abuse of power and obstruction of Congress- can be summed up pretty easily. Some 17 witnesses, mostly Trump appointees, testified to the fact that Trump coerced the... Continue Reading →

The GOP’s Stunning Abdication

Our founding fathers led us into a war with Britain over a shilling’s worth of tax on tea. It wasn’t the money, they said, it was the principle of taxation without representation. Back then, principles apparently mattered. The constitution, the law, honesty, integrity and facts actually mattered. Imagine that. On February 7th, the GOP Senate... Continue Reading →

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