African Tapestry At first lightAfrica is like our soulsLong dark green hillsLoping into a distanceWhich can't be measured.Alive like nothing we have met beforeAnd longed to meet.The pounding of small delicate hoovesEchoing the pounding of the heart We travel never reaching thereThose colors dependent on a distanceWe never find ourselves insideThe singular color that lies... Continue Reading →

Observations on Racism (part 2)

Reverse Racism, Affirmative Action and “Partisanship”   During the last week, an episode occurred that should help clarify some things I said about racism in part one of these “Observations on Racism.”  That sad but revealing event was the noose found hanging in the garage of the only prominent black NASCAR driver, Bubba Wallace. It... Continue Reading →

“The Great Evasion,” Building Community, and Masking

Frontier Con-Man In a previous post (On Radicalism, “Civil Disobedience”, and the “Anti-Lockdown” Protesters), I mentioned my old history professor, William Appleman Williams. Williams was a member of “antifa” (that is, a decorated executive officer in the US Pacific fleet during WWII). I believe he also marched with MLK and was targeted by Senator Joe... Continue Reading →

Wicked: A Poem on the Demonization of Others

Wicked is from an unpublished collection entitled “Nursery Rhymes for the New World” What a lot of wicked peopleDreaming wicked, wicked dreamsPitch a missile in their midstHear their wicked, wicked screams There see the wicked widow keeningFor the fragments of her wicked manAnd a wicked son, a wicked daughterIn silence holding wicked hands Nearby a... Continue Reading →

Oxymorons: A Poem

When people speak from both sides of their mouth you get…. Oxymorons People who once liked the old segregationLater turned and became fans of deregulationThey boast of their love of our great constitutionBut still wave the flag of the confederate solutionThey boast that they’re patriots and wave high the flagBut simple “voting by mail” somehow... Continue Reading →

The State of the Ship

The helmsman of the ship of stateDrunk on power, at his wheel pratesOf terror, evil, and bad menWhile his servile followers "ahem" Surrogates note every lame botched wordBroken syntax, the absurdAnd loyally his words transmuteInto a fine bold stance that sounds astute War isn't war but reconstructionJustice is equal to obstructionTorture doesn't bring one shameIf... Continue Reading →

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