Oxymorons: A Poem

When people speak from both sides of their mouth you get….


People who once liked the old segregation
Later turned and became fans of deregulation
They boast of their love of our great constitution
But still wave the flag of the confederate solution
They boast that they’re patriots and wave high the flag
But simple “voting by mail” somehow makes them all gag
They rail against immigrants and all that they bring
Feast on takeout Chinese, tacos, pizza and things.
And some claim to care deeply about every life
Yet won’t wear a mask, (preferring some strife!)
And they really adore big fat nuclear missiles
While piously quoting from certain epistles
It is really quite shockingly oxymoronic
They love the US (But ADORE the Teutonic!)
And they think they are being seriously moral
While turning the slightest thing into a quarrel
And Trump’s great economy, oh so gigantic!
Went down just as quickly as the “Titanic.”
They say anti-racism protests are just liberal knavery
While they worship icons of generals who died fighting for slavery
They think after the end days there will be only church steeples
(While claiming to love deeply the old chosen people)
And they cry out for freedom “re-start the economy”
But when folks protest, it’s” Incarcerate them Please!” 
All this is quite puzzling. I think you’ll agree
And where it all ends up? I guess we will see…
But we may just be headed for utter destruction
If we don’t do a lot better at civics instruction.
(concrete poetry—filled with hard facts—form follows function inevitably:
In form this looks much like a funeral urn—not really very remarkably)

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