Of Deadly Snakes and Other Dangers

Photos by David Clode on Unsplash

Photos by David Clode on Unsplash

Life is full of lurking dangers
To lurking threats, we are no strangers

Still, if you should venture from your door
Just a few things to be watching for…

The fearsome fer-de-lance
Can almost kill you with a glance

Countless species of venomous vipers
Can kill you deader than a sniper

The lethal viper of Gabon
One quick strike and then you’re gone

The truly fatal famous mamba
You’re dead before you can scream “AH!”

The western rattlesnake
Has all the poison that it takes…

The Banded Krait is a sneaky one
A charming two-step, then you’re done

The almost always fatal cobra
Spits in your eye and then it’s ovah…

Sleeping in trees the slinky boomslang
As final as a bow-string’s twang

The impressive giant python
One quick squeeze and then you’re gone

The snakes can kill you just for fun
Before you draw your pricey gun

Go ahead and empty out the magazine
They won’t hear you through your screams

The awesome green-eyed crocodile
Might get you in a local sewer (or on the Nile)

A pretentious, idiotic pundit
Can do you in with just a tongue slip

Over-bearing, over-reaching Generals
Can unleash an awful lot of death knells

Vicious fools in angry masses
Are as deadly as a double-bladed fasces

Blindly follow ignorant mobs
And you may never need another job

Elect vain and silly presidents
And you may no longer need a residence

So, look around before you go
These are only some things you should know

There are many other dangers, some quite strange
To all of them, best stay out of range

There are many other lethal options out there
So, when you vote please have a care…

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