A Clear and Present Danger

We still tend to think that election day is November 3rd. Actually, the voting will begin in little over a month and a half. It is time to take stock of the Trump presidency. By almost every important measure, we are far worse off than we were four years ago. Obama left the country in pretty good shape. People who supported Trump last time around should give serious thought to what Trump has done with their trust.

Trump and his GOP gave trillions of dollars in tax cuts to the rich so they would invest in job creation. Instead they pocketed the funds and enriched themselves. The impact of any “stimulus” is long erased. The deficit exploded. Trump promised better healthcare, but he has never produced a plan and has instead undermined Obamacare. Even in the midst of this pandemic he is suing to totally destroy it. He promised a huge, job-creating infrastructure program—but never delivered.   

There is no border wall—only thousands of children torn from their parents. His ruthless use of race, ethnicity and religion to create anger and division has resulted in a level of racism and white supremacist violence not seen in years.

His pervasive pursuit of deregulation has left our air, water, food, and drugs less safe than ever. His withdrawal from the Paris Climate Accords has left us frozen in front of the biggest challenge facing the nation—climate change. His dismantling of Obama’s pandemic taskforce left us open to Covid-19. His withdrawal of funding from the World Health Organization sets us even further back in terms of dealing with the inevitable next pandemic.

Foreign policy is in total disarray. Trump has relentlessly attacked our allies while encouraging autocratic leaders. He has failed to get an immigration deal with Mexico, or a trade deal with China—let alone peace in the Middle East. Around the world, we are weaker and have lost more international respect than ever.

Trump has attacked our most vital institutions—science, the media, the intelligence community, and the judiciary. He has made a mockery of the rule of law. He has been guilty of dereliction of duty, abuse of power and using the presidency for his own personal gain. He has undermined the rule of law by corrupting the DOJ into a department that acts as his personal protector and enforcer. His promise to appoint the best people is a travesty—the government is now filled with incompetent, unqualified lackeys whose only “qualification” is their blind loyalty to the president.

Trump’s bungling of the pandemic is epic. He first ignored it, then downplayed it, then blamed it on others, yet the facts are plain: America has done worse in dealing with the pandemic than any other nation on earth. The result was a market crash, a 33% drop in GDP, and about 50 million unemployed Americans. Predictions are that we will have over 300,000 deaths by inauguration day. The pandemic won’t stop there…

People used to ask, “Are you better off today than you were four years ago?” Only the very rich could possibly say yes. No matter what you think about Russian interference, the real question is, “Could even a highly trained Russian agent have accomplished so much damage to America in such a short time?” I seriously doubt it. We are certainly weaker in every way than we were four years ago.

The proof that Putin is perfectly happy with Trump is that he is again interfering on his behalf. Of course, in four years Trump has done nothing to make our elections more secure. Instead, he is trying to undermine their integrity even further by false claims about mail-in ballots and by sabotaging the Postal Service.

As for China, Trump first praised Xi, then started a pointless trade war (that we pay for) and now, because of the pandemic, basically claims that China sucker-punched us. Great deal-maker, huh? A reasonable person can only conclude that there has never been a more clear and present danger to America than the re-election of Donald Trump. Please vote to end this disaster.

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