Some Essential Readings on the Palestinian/ Israeli Conflict: A resource and suggested reading list (Part 1)

The Dispossessed, Bisque ceramic In the last month, Gaza has been under almost daily air attacks launched from Israel. It used to be about rockets—now it started with balloons. Hardly an existential threat. The almost meaningless Netanyahu “Peace Deal” with the UAE hardly changes things, yet Netanyahu has claimed it as an excuse to finally,... Continue Reading →

A Clear and Present Danger

We still tend to think that election day is November 3rd. Actually, the voting will begin in little over a month and a half. It is time to take stock of the Trump presidency. By almost every important measure, we are far worse off than we were four years ago. Obama left the country in... Continue Reading →

If (a poem)

This Poem is dedicated to all people everywhere who work for a more just, peaceful, and compassionate world. It is about persistence in the cause of seemingly forlorn hopes, seemingly quixotic quests, and seemly lost causes. Stay true! Don’t give up the ship! Carry on! And if the world isn't roundMere noise at the rootInstead... Continue Reading →

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