Oxymorons: A Poem

When people speak from both sides of their mouth you get…. Oxymorons People who once liked the old segregationLater turned and became fans of deregulationThey boast of their love of our great constitutionBut still wave the flag of the confederate solutionThey boast that they’re patriots and wave high the flagBut simple “voting by mail” somehow... Continue Reading →

The State of the Ship

The helmsman of the ship of stateDrunk on power, at his wheel pratesOf terror, evil, and bad menWhile his servile followers "ahem" Surrogates note every lame botched wordBroken syntax, the absurdAnd loyally his words transmuteInto a fine bold stance that sounds astute War isn't war but reconstructionJustice is equal to obstructionTorture doesn't bring one shameIf... Continue Reading →

Two Poems about Palestine, Truth, and Balance

The Ruins of Gaza Jerusalem/ Gaza (2012-2014) If there were no separation betweenEvents in space because of timeHow would we order our world?We would have to live with our history thenAnd live with our acts always. Ancient walls would beObscured by the images of the handsThat lifted the stones, again and againAnd we would see... Continue Reading →

The Dubious Myth of the “Unprecedented” Trump

The Emperor and His Guard Of course, in many simplistic ways Trump really is "unprecedented." We have never seen any president act in such bizarre and dangerous ways. On the other hand, the rather glib overuse of this word "unprecedented" masks a much more deeply entrenched problem. The word “unprecedented” has basically become a mere... Continue Reading →

Two Poems About Lying Politicians

Birds of a Feather I wrote these two poems in response to events between 2003-2004, when I was living in Saudi Arabia. Really good poems probably don’t need explanatory notes, but just in case… The first short poem “Talking Heads” was inspired by some art I saw in ancient cities I visited. I was struck... Continue Reading →

Wisteria (a Poem about Love)

Of all flowersWisteria is most like love.As a shoot youDo not suspect its power. It needs a thing to climb onEven, at first, the slightest wispOf a reed,Or a dry stick; A gestureOr a glance or riskIt spins tough coilsIt seals its secret tight And uses it to ladder to the lightWhen it flowers it... Continue Reading →

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