Trump Leaves US in a Sad State

Today is Pearl Harbor Day. On this day in 1941, 2403 Americans died. On 9/11/2001, about 3,000 Americans died. In both cases, Americans pulled together to make sure this could not happen again. Huge effort and trillions of dollars were expended. How times have changed. Now, with a daily death toll rapidly reaching 3,000, we... Continue Reading →

Viral Misinformation: Trump as Super-spreader

A recent research survey of the sources of misinformation about the Covid-19 Coronavirus determined that the number one culprit in spreading misinformation was US president Donald Trump. That being true, it is hardly surprising that it now appears that he might be a super-spreader of the virus itself. He has certainly sponsored super-spreading events. He... Continue Reading →

Corona Virus, Healthcare and Our Community

As a nation, we are now getting a clear lesson about the importance of national healthcare. We need to get that lesson in clear focus. For years the debate has been confused by a simple, deep contradiction: as a nation, we are obsessed with healthcare as an individual choice—NOT a public health issue. The difference... Continue Reading →

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